Finding safety for homeless motorists: Citizens unite to discuss an innovative proposal

Ontario Police officers gather around Chief Steven Romero in July of 2019 while a tow truck pulls in to tow away a car that was unable to be driven away from the location of a homeless camp that had set up in the middle of town in Ontario. The car was filled with personal items.

ONTARIO — What is a “safe lot?”

It could be a buzz term used in Ontario in the near future. Chris Plummer, who has been involved in volunteer work in the local community for several years, is spearheading an initiative to help bring relief to Ontario’s homeless population.

Plummer wants to address the need to keep homeless motorists safe. The idea is to secure a location or parking lot for homeless individuals and families to park overnight without the fear of being trespassed or placed in danger.

The main issue here, according to Plummer, is safety for these people. As it stands there are no “safe lots” for these families and individuals to park their vehicles and feel their safety won’t be compromised.

“This a public health issue,” stated Plummer who hopes to effect some compromise with the city and the greater community to advocate for these homeless motorists.

Plummer is urging citizens who want to learn more about the program to attend an informational meeting at the downtown Jolts & Juice location on Thursday afternoon.

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