Finding fur-ever homes for cats of all shapes and sizes up for adoption

A feline relaxes at its temporary home, the shelter at the Constance McCullough House, awaiting adoption.

ONTARIO — This November, Ontario Feral Cat Project will celebrate 10 years as a nonprofit organization. This cat-loving crew of dedicated volunteers works tirelessly to find forever homes for stray, abandoned or otherwise homeless felines and has been doing so

since 2009.

Amy Kee, project representative, described how each Saturday at the Constance McCullough House, volunteers open up the shelter in an effort to find homes for these lonesome kittens and cats. Kee stated that there are approximately 65 cats that are currently waiting to be adopted. She said the volume of cats seeking homes is so large that volunteers try and get them out to other venues including Petsense in Ontario and PetSmart in Meridian. The hope is that with increased exposure to the community, the chances of finding their future homes is that much greater.

Kee was eager to thank all of the “amazing donors” for their support of organization. Because the Ontario Feral Cat Project is made up of all volunteers, donors’ support in the form of food and litter are both welcome and essential to keeping the organization running. Another necessary component in helping these cats find their forever homes is the need for people to foster them until they are adopted. Many of the cats are full-grown and as Kee explained, “They have what we call cat-itude.”

She said that despite being sassy, people have to give them a chance because many times their personalities change dramatically when they’re outside of a cage. Kee recounted instances where this has happened in the past and reiterated to anyone interested in adoption to take a look at the older cats as they want homes just as much as the kittens do.

The Ontario Feral Cat Project has a lot of great plans for the future including a “cage-free room” where the cats are allowed to roam around in a large space and mingle with one another and play with toys. Kee said she is hopeful that this room will be open within the next few weeks, but since the organization has no paid staff, time and resources are limited.

Kee also pointed out that the organization’s Facebook page is a great resource for finding pictures of all of the current adoptable cats the organization has. Checking this page frequently for updates may just help someone find their next furry friend.

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