Find out why the Nyssa City Council just enacted a law to preserve gun rights

NYSSA — At the request of a Nyssa resident, the Nyssa City Council approved a resolution during its meeting on Tuesday supporting Second Amendment rights.

The request for the resolution came from resident Mark Shuster in response to measures proposed in other states restricting firearms and ammunition.

The resolution notes that, “state and federal lawmakers continue to propose measures aimed at restricting all firearms and ammunition including bans, taxation, extensive waiting periods, registration, licensing and even confiscation.”

The statement also reads the “Nyssa City Council strongly affirms our commitment to the right and liberties enshrined within the Constitutions of the United States and Oregon, including but not limited to the right to keep and bear arms, and Nyssa City Council opposes any state or deal law that abridges or is contrary to the provision of the Constitutions … preserving the people’s right to keep and bear arms.”

Shuster said Nyssa is the first town to pass such a resolution.

A quick check with the Oregon Firearms Federation, which tracks counties and cities throughout the state that defend gun rights, shows that some cities throughout the state have enacted ordinances, although none in Malheur County have done so.

The Malheur County Court in 2015 passed a resolution to protect Second Amendment Rights within the county.

In neighboring Baker County, voters passed an ordinance in 2018, which aims to protect citizens Second Amendment rights.

Leslie Thompson contributed to this story.

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