Find out why Ontario's Splash Park has to close Monday and, possibly, Tuesday

Since the opening day of Ontario’s Splash Park, pictured here on May 30, officials have held a meeting to discuss what’s going well, what could be improved and how best to inform the community of rules.

ONTARIO — With the Ontario Splash Park open for a little more than a week, it has been time enough for the Ontario City officials, Boys & Girls Club staff and representatives of the Ontario Recreation District to get an idea for setting a code of conduct for people using the facility.

Representatives of those entities that now coordinate the operation of the park met Friday to address some of the issues that have arisen at the facility and to set some parameters of what can and can’t be done.

Overall, meeting attendees expressed their delight at the response to the new facility.

In the meantime, the splash park will be closed Monday and, tentatively, Tuesday to make repairs regarding some of those issues and to make other adjustments.

Some modifications need done behind the scenes to the water and chemical feed system, which should be done automatically, but is currently being done manually, according to City Manager Adam Brown.

“So we have guys coming out from the other side of the state” to do that, Brown said.

A yellow line is being painted around the splash pad area and no food will be allowed within that circle.

Other things not allowed at or in the splash park area are goldfish — or any other kind of fish, diapers or glass items.

In addition, splash park users can not hang on equipment. There will be flyers out in the community explaining the rules and other educational efforts.

“If we don’t take care of this, there will be less of this [splash park to enjoy],” said Ontario Police Chief Steven Romero, who added that there will be consequences for violators.

The splash park is still under city operation which has worked out an agreement with the Boys & Girls Club to provide staffing at the park, with the city providing support. The Recreation District will take over ownership of the park as of July 1.

Numbers of attendees have not been tracked, according to Brown, but it was noted that until a cold front cooled off temperatures on Wednesday, the park was bustling every day from opening to close.


Larry Meyer is a reporter for the Argus Observer.

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