Payette City Hall

This photo shows the exterior of Payette City Hall.

PAYETTE COUNTY — Across Payette County, there are six different races going on with 23 candidates vying for votes in the Consolidated Election on Nov. 5.

A list follows of candidates with an asterisk indicating incumbents and a plus sign designating someone who has been appointed.

Candidates for city elections:

Fruitland City Council, members, two positions

• Jeff “Dale Jeffries” Carpenter*

• Tim Davis

• Stuart Grimes*

• Michael Moscrip

New Plymouth City Council, mayor, one position

• Tom Hoppell

• Ricky York

New Plymouth City Council, members, three positions

• Cora Kurth

• Debbie Mills-Smith

• Bill Warnke*

Payette City Council, members, three positions, four-year

• Kevin jensen

• Mike Kee*+

• Steven Lindsay

• Daniel Lopez

• Lori A. Steiniker

Payette city council - one position, two year

• Kahlia Morin

Candidates for New Plymouth School District trustee - three positions, four-year terms

Zone 1

• Marc Haws*

• Phil Pittman

Zone 2

• David Brogan*

• Dean Jones

• Doug Rupp

Zone 5

• H. Lane Austin

• Darrell Brown*

• Darrell Ocamica

For more information, contact the Payette County Clerk’s office at (208) 642-6000.

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