Mule deer stroll up a hill near Weiser

Deer climbing a hill outside Weiser in this photo from January of 2017. Idaho Fish and Game will be hosting a public meeting on Feb. 13, during which the public is welcome to comment about the upcoming big game season.

WEISER — The 2019 big game hunting season in Idaho’s southwest region is the focus of a series of open house meetings where hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts will have a chance to review and discuss big game season proposals with Fish and Game staff.

Those meetings are slated to start today and will go through Feb. 12 at various locations throughout the state, including one planned in Weiser on Feb. 13.

A complete list of statewide deer, elk, pronghorn, black bear, mountain lion and wolf hunt proposals will be available on the Fish and Game website ( in late January and at both the McCall and Nampa regional offices.

Idaho Fish and Game officials urge members of the public to attend an open house in their respective area.

In addition to the open house lineup, Fish and Game staff will be attending the 2019 Sportsman Show in Boise from Feb. 28 thru March 3. Big game proposals for the 2019 fall season will be available at the show, and the public is welcome to review and provide proposal comments.

Southwest Region 2019 big game season proposals include:

• Potential hunting opportunity in some controlled bear hunt units to address chronic depredation or nuisance issues.

• A potential change in the number of A and B tags for the Sawtooth elk zone.

• Possible changes to Brownlee and Weiser elk hunts. Any changes will be considered following the completion of an ongoing aerial survey of these zones.

• Potential changes to wolf, bear and lion seasons including methods of take for these species.


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