ONTARIO — Today is the first full day at the Malheur County Fair, which will be busy with judging of animals throughout the day, with a variety of activities going on around the fairgrounds. This will include the Malheur County team roping in the rodeo arena and a square dance club performing in the loafing shed.

In the Commercial Building, Malheur County Emergency Manager Lt. Rich Harriman is set up with a booth where he is encouraging people to be prepared for emergencies. On display there are a host of freeze-dried food products that have lengthy shelf life and can be prepared quickly and easily.

The name of the program is ”two-weeks ready,” encouraging people to have at least two weeks worth of food and other supplies available in case of emergencies that may last for days or even weeks.

Some items are packaged individually or can be bought in kits and some products can be stored 20 to 30 years, Harriman said.

Items on the menus can include chicken teriyaki, creamy chicken and rice, beef stew and beef stroganoff.

Food is just part of what people need to gather to build an emergency readiness kit, and many items are already in emergency kits, such as flashlights, gloves, hand-crank radios, trash bags and first-aid kits.

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management recommends plans for business, children, communications, pets, water and senior citizens.

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