Find food at the fair

Will Echanis picks up dough and starts to shape it to make a scone, which is a popular fry bread often found at fairs, on Wednesday during the Malheur County Fair. Echanis is the third generation in his family to work at the St. Paul Lutheran Church food booth at the fair.

ONTARIO — The Malheur County Fair kicked into high gear Wednesday as there was activity in just about every corner of the grounds, and as the day wore on the food booths became busier as exhibitors and fair goers became hungry and/or thirsty.

These booths are generally aligned along the midway from the fair office up to the Commercial Building, to the north, offering a variety of traditional fair food or food that has become traditional to the Malheur County fair. Members of the Nyssa Christian Church can be found in the kitchen as Girvin Hall, which provies easy access for animal exhibitors. They serve breakfast burritos for the early risers.

The Ontario High School band is raising money at a food booth in the Commercial Building.

Back in their usual space, at the northeast corner of the Red Barn, outside, are members of St. Paul Lutheran Church, who have been serving up their famous scones (also known as elephant ears, depending on where you’re from), for an estimated 25 to 30 years.

Will Echanis was helping at the booth Wednesday, the third generation to do so. Linda Erlebach, also working Wednesday, is a member of the second generation helping out.

Besides burgers, fries and hot dogs, local restaurants are serving up other food. This includes Matsy’s, which has Asian food, including mafa and teriyaki chicken, and Fiesta Guadalajara with Mexican food.

A person can get a grilled mac & cheese & bacon at the Bunk Haus, or mini donuts and pizza on a stick at Dunker’s Mini Donuts.

Other vendors include Awesome Blossom, B’s Lemonade, BAS, Willowcreek Store, Brown’s Buffalo, Flicks & Java/ 160 Degrees. Kettle Korn Factory, Knights of Columbus, Quick Shave and Rusty Dog.

And don’t forget the free Tater Tots being served in the Commercial Building to promote the Tater Tot festival coming up next year.

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