Comment period ends Thursday on Idaho Power's B2H Transmission Line

Roger Findley, of Ontario, speaks to members of the Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council during a public hearing regarding Idaho Power’s proposed Boardman to Hemingway transmission line, which would go through about 70 miles of Malheur County. The hearing was held in mid-June at Four Rivers Cultural Center.

ONTARIO — The public comment period on the draft proposed order regarding the planned Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line has been extended by a month, from July 23 to Aug. 22.

According to the Oregon Department of Energy, the Energy Facility Siting Council held five hearings, one in each county where the line is set to go through. And the decision to extend the public comment period came after the hearing in Pendleton, June 26. The first one was held in Ontario and the last one was held in Boardman.

Transcripts for each of the hearings are available and can be downloaded for viewing, as are the transcripts, a copy of the draft proposed order and a copy of the site application submitted by Idaho Power.

The utility company, in conjunction with the Bonneville Power Administration and PacificCorp, is proposing to build a 300-mile 500-kilovolt transmission line from northeast Oregon to southwest Idaho. The Energy Facility Siting Council has been reviewing the proposal to see if it meets a series of 20-plus standards to receive a siting certificate. The draft proposed order recommends that a site certificate to allow construction of the line be awarded.

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