New Plymouth School District office

This undated photo shows the New Plymouth School District office.

NEW PLYMOUTH — The deadline for a community group to file a petition with the necessary number of signatures to recall members of the New Plymouth Board of Trustees has come and gone. No petition has been filed, confirmed the Payette County Clerk’s Office, on Tuesday morning.

New Plymouth Community Cares, the community group that was able to gather the 20 signatures required to draft the initial petition when it was first submitted on April 9, had until Monday at 5 p.m. to gather more signatures. The secondary signatures needed to come from 20 percent of the registered voters from each of the zones at the time the county clerk approved the petition filing.

The community group had expressed an interest in recalling members of the New Plymouth Board of Trustees amidst the controversy surrounding former New Plymouth principal Clete Edumnson’s exit, as well as the calls for former New Plymouth Superintendent Kevin Barker to step down from his position.

The community group was looking to recall the full board, including Dave Brogan, chairman, zone 2; Dani Rollins, vice chairman, zone 3; Ron Kovick, zone 1; Arlo Decker, zone 4; and Darrell Brown, zone 5.

The required number of signatures for both the initial filing and the final petition was due to the fact that school board trustees are elected from within each of the five election zones in New Plymouth. According to Christine Poe, deputy election clerk, the total registered voters in each of the zones at the time the drafting of the petition was approved by the Payette County Clerk’s Office include: Zone 1 = 501, Zone 2 = 386, Zone 3 = 523, Zone 4 = 427, and Zone 5 = 441.

The community group was given 75 days after the initial filing was approved to come back with the necessary number of signatures, Poe confirmed.

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