Payette High School

Payette High School

PAYETTE — Even as the 2019-20 school year is on hold in virtually every corner of the U.S., the Payette School District is already looking ahead to the 2020-2021 school year. Superintendent Robin Gilbert announced on March 19 that the Board of Trustees adopted a four-day calendar at an emergency meeting on March 17. School will run Monday through Thursday, starting Aug. 20 for sixth and ninth grade students and Aug. 24 for all others.

“The calendar was addressed at that time after questions raised had been answered to the satisfaction of the Board,” said Gilbert via email on March 19.

According to Gilbert, the highlights of this calendar include consistency for students.

• All professional development is done during Fridays.

• A full week for Thanksgiving break.

• The same start and end dates.

In their fact sheet, the District said benefits of a four-day week include the following:

• Improved quality of life for students and families

• Less stress as a result of extended weekends

• More time to pursue outside interests

• Improved attendance, as personal appointments can be done on Fridays

• Older students can seek paid jobs and volunteer work on Fridays

• Fewer sick days for teachers and professional development done on Fridays

• A consistent schedule for families

At the same meeting, the Board voted to close District schools due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

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