Lt. Creech to run for sheriff: Move comes on heels of Sheriff Huff’s retirement announcement

Lt. Andy Creech, left, and Sheriff Chad Huff as pictured at the Payette County Sheriff’s Office on Jan. 14. Huff has announced his retirement in 2021, endorsing Creech to replace him.

PAYETTE COUNTY — After 16 years of leading the Payette County Sheriff’s Office and 28 years of service in law enforcement, Sheriff Chad Huff has announced he will retire in Jan. 2021.

According to a news release, highlights of Huff’s service include the implementation of Tasers, body-worn cameras, mobile data terminals, electronic ticketing and electronic fingerprinting, as well as establishing collaborative 911 phone systems and use of 911 text messaging systems.

Huff has announced his support for Lt. Andy Creech to be the next Sheriff of Payette County.

“Lt. Creech will continue to provide excellent service to our citizens and we are confident in his vision and goals for the future,” said Huff.

Creech has served 24 years in law enforcement, previously serving the New Plymouth Police Department. Via email on Jan. 13, Creech explained that his connection to the community drove his decision.

“I have raised my family here and have many friends in our communities,” said Creech. “I want to continue to serve our community and provide for the safety of our communities. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with business owners and citizens in Payette County to talk about the issues that matter in our communities.”

Creech said reducing turnover will be key in leading the sheriff’s office.

“The Payette County Sheriff’s Office has had employee retention challenges as of late. I will work with the Board of County Commissioners to find ways to resolve this so that the Payette County Sheriff’s Office can hire, train and retain qualified individuals who are dedicated to serving our citizens.”

Creech said he will also aim to reduce crowding in the Payette County Jail by reshaping how justice is administered.

“The Payette County Jail’s Population has been rising over the last several years. I will continue to work with the Magistrate Judges, Prosecutors Office, and Misdemeanor Probation to provide opportunities for pre-trial release and alternate sentencing, allowing the Magistrate Judges an opportunity to adequately address each case. Safety for our community is always our top priority.”

He also said he would continue to meet with local leaders and citizens to keep his community in the know.

“I believe in civic engagement with the communities that I serve. As Sheriff I will look forward to the opportunity to serve alongside our citizens at community events, meet with citizens about the issues that are important to our communities, and inform our communities about the crimes that are occurring in our neighborhoods.”

Creech said he has over 3,700 hours of training in the field over his career, centering on staff management and emergency management over the last five years.

Creech said Huff has worked to set the Sheriff’s office up for success as he prepares for retirement.

“I am excited for Sheriff Huff as he moves into retirement and I wish him the best. I am very grateful to Sheriff Huff’s support and guidance that he has given to me. He has provided me with insight into the things that I consider to be paramount in continued service of the Payette County Sheriff’s Office to our community.”

The Primary Election will take place in May.

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