ONTARIO — Positive cases of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 have grown by more than tenfold at Snake River Correctional Institution. An official with the prison reported that there are 120 inmates who have now tested positive for the virus; of these 107 are in the minimum facility, which includes two dorms. In addition, 21 staff members have also tested positive.

This update was provided in an email this morning from Amber Campbell, public information officer.

She says there also are five inmates being housed in the infirmary related to the virus.

“We have two other housing units we are using for isolation specifically. At this time we do have beds remaining in the Infirmary and two other housing units for isolation if needed for that level of care,” said Campbell.

“The rest of the institution is being quarantined in their cells and respective housing units.”

The Oregon Corrections Enterprises Call Center is once again open at SRCI. Plastic barriers, otherwise known as cubical extenders have been installed in the individual work stations. All inmates are required to wear masks at the location and physical distancing measures are in place, Campbell says. In addition, enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols have been implemented in the call center.

There has also been a scheduled rotation that was developed to allow inmates to go out in the recreation yard. This rotation is done by housing unit.

Campbell said that SRCI is currently not exploring the option of “on-site housing for staff at this time.”

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