Greg and Glenda Bostock

Gospel singers Greg and Glenda Bostock, pictured here, will perform three concerts in the Western Treasure Valley during the month of September.

WEISER — As songwriters and professional videographers, Greg and Glenda Bostock merge the international language of music and video together, adding inspiring visuals to their soul-stirring music and life-changing testimonies. They travel across America and South Asia sharing songs birthed through their life’s journey and true-life stories that challenge and encourage people of all ages. Many of their songs and videos have been used nationally and internationally bringing hope to people all around the world!

The Bostocks were born and raised in the Northwest. Attending high school together in Buhl, Idaho, they met through music and have been singing together since. Glenda had a relationship with Jesus Christ since early childhood, and Greg soon realized that was what he had been searching for, not just a religion. Not long after, they were married and started their family sooner than expected when twin daughters were born three months prematurely, each weighing only 2 pounds. From the beginning of their marriage, their faith in God was tested. More than 35 years later, they continue to share testimonies of God’s faithfulness throughout their journey together.

God has opened doors for them to share the love of Jesus in several countries in Asia and has placed a special burden in their hearts for the Vietnamese people. They have traveled to Vietnam for 22 years now and were recently appointed Executive Directors of an organization called, “Mission Vietnam.” They provide support to destitute children who have become orphans; raise funds to build churches; support organizations that produce Christian education materials, music and video productions that are reaching the Vietnamese people with the gospel of Jesus Christ; along with numerous other humanitarian projects. They will be sharing stories from their missions trips of courage and perseverance.

While in Vietnam this year, they began work on their latest recording in one of the studios they help support. “God of Miracles” is scheduled to be released in September, and songs from this new project will be featured during their events.

Admission is free to see the Bostocks, but their ministry is funded through contributions and support and donations are tax-deductible to the nonprofit organization.

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