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This photo shows the Ontario City Hall.

ONTARIO — The Ontario City Council has finally picked two more people to join the city’s marijuana ad hoc committee, a group which gives recommendations to the city on regulations governing the legalized drug within the city.

James Mosier and Bruce Tuttle were selected to join the committee at the council’s work session on Thursday.

At its July work session, the Ontario City Council tabled the discussion regarding applications for appointment to the city’s marijuana ad hoc committee, as it sought to establish a more balance within the group.

Following a lengthy discussion at the last session, the consensus from council members was to hold off on making a decision with only three candidates available to choose from, and to advertise that more candidates were being sought.

Since then, only two more applications were received, bringing the total number to five, including Mosier and Tuttle. Other candidates included Natalie Barlow, Eddy Thiel and Stormy Ray.

Councilman Freddy Rodriguez initiated the discussion saying that he wanted the committee to have members that are not necessarily for or against marijuana.

Council President Dan Capron added to that sentiment saying, “We’re trying to have it balanced.”

Capron went on to add that balance in the committee is one of the reasons why this topic was extended from the last session.

One of the main concerns Rodriguez noted was the committee had too many members who are directly tied to the industry. While the ad hoc committee has no law-making power or ability, the influence the committee has over the direction local marijuana legislation takes is clear.

Councilman Norm Crume made a motion to add both Mosier and Tuttle to the committee, citing that the two candidates had differing enough views to be of use to the council.

Responding to the application question asking to indicate why the applicant thinks they should serve on the committee, Rodriguez said he was not satisfied with the explanation Tuttle listed on his application.

Rodriguez said that the one sentence that was provided does not fully give reason as to why he should be on the committee.

Tuttle’s answer to the question was: “To even out the members. Pro or Con.”

Rodriguez further asked whether the council should be allowed to vote on each candidate separately, rather than as a pair.

However, Crume stated that he had already made the motion, which was seconded, and a tally needed to be taken.

The group voted 3 to 2 to add Mosier and Tuttle to the marijuana ad hoc committee.

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