Ontario Theater

The marquee of the Ontario Luxe Reel Theater displays a message regarding the theater chain’s decision to temporary close their locations in response to the on-going public health crisis.

WESTERN TREASURE VALLEY — The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has been the catalyst for multiple closures of businesses locally and nationwide. One industry which has responded to the pandemic with cautionary measures is the film industry.

Studios have been pushing back the release of films that were at one time anticipated to be released this spring and summer. Among some of those films are the new 007 thriller “No Time to Die,” “Fast and Furious 9” and Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow.”

Locally, concerns over social distancing has led to the temporary closure of the Ontario Reel Luxe Theater.

Visitors to the location will notice that the electronic reader board which typically displays the titles and showing times of the films being shown at the theater is now displaying a message announcing a temporary closure. While the message does not indicate when the theater will reopen, it does encourage patrons to follow the theater’s social media feeds for updates.

Parma Motor-Vu, a drive-in theater located in Parma, has plans to open for the season starting on March 27, according to an announcement on the theater’s Facebook page. Those who call the theater for updates and showtime information will hear a message that also confirms the planned reopening. The two features that will begin showing on that day are: “Onward” and “The Call of the Wild.”

Request for comment from the Ontario Luxe Reel Theater and Parma Motor-Vu were not returned by press time.

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