Consultant urges TVCC to begin raising money for facilities, foundation

ONTARIO — The feasibility study for Treasure Valley Community College’s proposed capital campaign to raise money to help fund construction of an allied health and nursing program was wildly successful, according to Rich Gross, author of the report.

During a joint meeting of the TVCC Board and Foundation, Gross, of Rich Gross Solutions, said the college should begin its capital campaign. He suggested Sept. 1 as the start date, saying officials should strike “while the iron is hot”

According to interviews he conducted and other sampling of opening, 94% of the people had a favorable impression of the college, and 90% favored raising money for scholarships.

About 76% of those responding have favorable view of faculty, and 92% favored the allied health program.

The study also found strong support for nursing and technology.

Turning to some of the community issues, Gross said some of the top concerns were lack of workforce, low wages and having affordable housing,

While people have technical skiils, Gross said there seems to be a lack of the basic skills, people skills in the workplace.

The college is seen as having a great connection with the community which, he said, the college needs to emphasize as it begins the funding campaign — a partnership between the college and the region.

It should also be clear it is also a combined college and foundation campaign, Gross said. To date, the TVCC board has approved a campaign to raise $5 million in matching funds.

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