ONTARIO — Ontario Municipal Airport Manager Erik Hartley recently announced that the airport is conducting a master plan update, made possible through a grant from Oregon Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration. He explained details in an email to the newspaper on May 12.

Hartley said airport staff in partnership with J-U-B Engineering, Inc. have “developed a future-use survey,” which the airport manager is currently seeking feedback on.

“In the midst of a regional boom, our airport is poised to capitalize in a way many airports cannot. We are incredibly excited for Treasure Valley based, J-U-B Engineers to be leading our master planning process. Through this process, we aim to develop a dynamic plan to ensure we meet demands head-on,” wrote Hartley.

Some of the facets of an airport master plan that he outlines in the email are to “allow a community to understand its current assets,” forecasting growth, understanding facility requirements associated with growth, providing alternatives and establishing “a roadmap for financial sustainability.”

“As part of our efforts to adequately plan for the future, we invite any and all current or potential airport users identify what future improvements may be warranted,” wrote Hartley.

A link to the future-use survey for the airport’s master plan update can be found on the city of Ontario’s website under the “Airport” tab. The document is a PDF file, and Hartley said that survey respondents will have to print out the document write in their feedback and returned by email to Erik.Hartley@ontariooregon.org.

For more information, contact Hartley at (541) 212-1676.

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