Combining bills is the 'wrong direction': 2 gun bills get rolled up into one


A bill which began life as two separate bills, one regarding carrying concealed weapons and the second one regarding securing and storing firearms, was combined in committee and is headed to the House floor.

After two days of hearings conducted by the House Rules Committee, members voted to move the bill on a party-line vote on Thursday.

Senate Bill 554 originally would have allowed boards of any local public bodies to ban people with concealed weapons permits in their facilities. However, in the final amendment, the bill only mentions state buildings, such as the Capitol and courts, universities and community colleges and local schools, including grounds. Concealed weapons could also be banned in passenger terminals of commercial buildings with more more than 1 million passenger boards per year.

Carrying a concealed weapon would be allowed by a law enforcement officer.

Arguments for keeping guns secure included keeping guns less accessible to people contemplating suicides and making them less accessible to people.

People opposed to the bill said the two subjects needed to be separated. Opponents to the concealed weapons ban said that a patchwork of laws there was a possibility that the concealed weapons bans would have license holders breaking the law without know. The main argument in opposition is that it violates people’s Second Amendment rights.

“I think this bill has unintended consequences, Rep. Zika, Redmond,’ said. “We are going in the wrong direction.”

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