New Plymouth park

Crews hard at work on revitalizing the park. Mounds of soil piled up demonstrate the amount of work done so far.

NEW PLYMOUTH — The city of New Plymouth’s park on Southwest Boulevard is getting a facelift as crews are in the process of completing the all-new construction of a main walk and bike path that winds through the town’s center.

Citizen Milt Hickey noticed crews hard at work in the park on Wednesday afternoon and took some pictures of the work-in-progress. In a recent phone interview, Hickey said that when he checked last, workers were busy with concrete.

Operating paving equipment to smooth out the newly laid asphalt, workers were putting some of the finishing touches on the new construction.

By late Thursday afternoon, crews had already completed large portions of the pathway.

Beau Ziemer with the New Plymouth Public Works department, said this project started back in July of this year and has been steadily moving toward completion. The path is designed to wrap all the way around the boulevard. Ziemer explained that the renovation was made possible by a federal highways grant, which was applied for with the purpose of revitalizing the park.

Due to the historical interest in New Plymouth, the park’s upgrade will feature several laminated “interpretive signs,” which will inscribed with facts relating to the town and its history set up throughout the park, Ziemer said.

He added that he is hopeful the project will be completed or close to completion later this month.

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