ONTARIO — How many checks does it take to equal $1,020,069.80? The answer for the City of Ontario is 150.

As a supplement to the City of Ontario’s council meeting agenda for its Nov. 19 meeting, the last four pages of the print agenda were devoted to accounts payable. This portion of the agenda served as an itemization of all of the City’s expenditures starting near the beginning of October and ending near the beginning of November.

Most of the vendor numbers listed are standard numerical designations, while some have a capital “UB*” in front of the them. City of Ontario Finance Director Kari Ott explained in a phone interview what this means “utility billing” and that the amount of money being paid out to those individuals is a refund for utility payments.

Some of the larger payouts listed for Oct. 11 included a $128,367 payment to Coastline Equipment Company and $48,547 to Dell Marketing, L.P. Ott said these payments went to a new loader and a system-wide software upgrade for City Hall respectively.

The loader was heavy equipment purchased for the street crew of Ontario’s Public Works department, and originally came in at $155,000, an expense that was budgeted for, Ott stated.

The computer operating system upgrades were needed as all of the software needed to be updated to Windows 7.

Assorted charges to State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services, State of Oregon Government Ethics Commission and TransUnion Risk & Alternative Data Solutions were all found to be either annual membership fees or monthly access fees, explained Ott.

The fee charged by TransUnion is for access to “investigative services” that are used by the police department for background checks.

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