Fiber optic plan will provide internet access for airport and city hall

There were about 20-30 airplanes on display at the appreciation day in mid-July.

ONTARIO — The City of Ontario has five central areas considered “strategic priorities” that city officials have been working to meet. These priorities are: desirability, lifestyle, growth, beautification and education. Growth and education were on tap during a decision regarding a fiber-optic project at the airport.

At Tuesday night’s regular City Council meeting, City Manager Adam Brown brought up the airport fiber-optics project and the need for more comprehensive internet services at the site. Brown said that a dedicated internet connection is important for students at the Aerospace Career Exploration Academy or ACE.

The fiber optic project was approved for the amount of $24,000. Brown shared a breakdown of the costs with the council: $4,900 for the fiber connection, $8,000 for the fiber connection to school and FBO, $8,000 for an antenna to serve additional customers and $3,100 for contingency and equipment costs.

Brown told the council that there are future opportunities to offset some of the costs of this project by serving as an Internet Service Provider or ISP to the businesses in and around the airport. He also said there would be additional savings to the city in the form of cutting phone costs by switching to a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) system for phone lines.

Brown said that two bids were given to the city regarding internet access for both the airport and for city hall. The first was from Sparklight (formerly Cable One) for $8,200; and the other is from LS Networks for $5,898. The term of service is 60 months for both bids.

Ultimately the City Council voted to seek the package offered by LS Networks as the cost was less than the competing bid.

No timetable was given for when the work will begin.

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