City of Fruitland to try again for City Hall bond

Fruitland Police Chief J.D. Huff’s office is pictured here in October of 2019. After a bond measure in November fell short of the two-thirds required to pass, city officials have decided to give it another try for the upcoming Primary Election.

FRUITLAND — With alternatives to bring Fruitland City Hall up to code being scarce, and with the Nov. 5 bond measure being defeated by only eight votes, the Fruitland City Council has decided to go out for the measure again despite two previous unsuccessful attempts.

“The decision to re-run the Bond was made by the City Council, after reviewing the result of the last election,” said Mayor Brian Howell via email on Jan. 11. “Because the vote was so close we decided that we needed to re run it.”

Howell says the city considered alternatives but found that none fit the bill.

“There is another method of funding but it is not acceptable to the City Council,” said Howell, explaining that is a lease-purchase option, which means a loan that could default.

In addition to expanding the city’s police department, expand parking, improving vehicle traffic flow at the facility, improving the façade of the building and fixing the roof, Howell explained additional problems that needed to be addressed.

“There are numerous other issues with the building the need to be corrected, such as the lighting system and environmental systems,” he said. “We plan to do more education on the issues and will continue to have tours of the facility available for those that would like to get more information.”

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