City needs nearly $100k more for bulbout project

This photo shows the work that has been done so far on the bulbouts in downtown Ontario on Oregon street. Crews are expected to resume work once funds have been made available.

ONTARIO — The Oregon Street construction project that is currently underway downtown was stalled due to unforeseen challenges with the conditions within the subsurface just below the existing asphalt. This means the project will cost nearly $100,000 more than expected.

Crews from Warrington Construction had to temporarily halt the work that is being done to install ADA-accessible bulbouts on the sidewalks due to the conditions.

The June 16 meeting of the Ontario City Council first heard from Ontario City Engineer Betsy Roberts from Jacobs, the city of Ontario’s public works department, regarding the unanticipated subsurface conditions.

Roberts gave a presentation in which she said the need to address these conditions and make the necessary modifications to the project would cost approximately $91,000.

She gave an option for the Council to consider when looking for the additional funding, this option included using a combination of “chip seal funds” in the amount of $60,000, “Stormwater funds” in the amount of $12,000 and “crackfill funds” in the amount of $19,000.

Roberts said in her presentation that the impact of moving these funds around would mean that future city projects would be impacted, namely only Northwest 8th Avenue would be the only street to get the chip seal treatment while Verde and Northwest Ninth Street will have to wait.

Ontario Mayor Riley Hill indicated moving funds around in this way was like a shell game. Still the council OK’d moving the funds.

The next steps outlined by Roberts in her presentation is for the Council to agree to the proposed funding plan, and to approve the resolution to transfer the funds in accordance with the proposed funding plan.

The council did OK the proposed funding plan on June 23, and further approved the resolution for the transfer of funds to complete the project.

Request for comment regarding what the amended completion date will be was not returned for comment by press time.

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