Ontario City Hall

This photo shows the Ontario City Hall.

ONTARIO — Councilor Freddy Rodriguez took to social media this morning to announce to the residents of Ontario that a “rare” City Council meeting would be taking place tonight. The rarity of this meeting is due to the fact that normally the fourth Tuesday of the month has no meetings schedule unless there are time-sensitive topics to be discussed.

According to the agenda sent out by City Recorder Tori Barnett

Rodriguez said one of the pressing issues that will be discussed at tonight’s is the transitional housing for the homeless that was presented by Community in Action’s Barb Higinbotham at the council’s last meeting on Nov. 11. At that meeting temporary housing, such as tiny houses, was proposed for a temporary solution to the current problem of homelessness in Ontario.

At that meeting, Mayor Riley Hill requested a PDAC report, which is developed by a pre-development advisory committee, and outlines all aspects of this project including overall feasibility.

Tonight’s topics include discussion of transitional housing pilot program and Origins Faith Community’s license for “emergency housing.”

It is unknown at this time whether the PDAC report will be presented tonight.

This week’s agenda can be found online at the City of Ontario’s website.

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