Payette City Hall

This photo shows the exterior of Payette City Hall.

PAYETTE — At the Payette City Council’s regular meeting on June 15, a concerned citizen consulted with councilors to find out how she could get help with the cost of repairs after an incident in which a weapon was discharged and damaged her home.

On Feb. 23, Payette police officers arrested Katrina Acosta for aggravated battery. During the arrest, a weapon reportedly belonging to Acosta was fired, with the bullet ricocheting into Peggy Draper’s house, which was nearby the scene. While her family was not injured, her 1910 house suffered almost $4,000 in damage.

Draper expressed concern about possible higher home insurance rates if she were to pursue a claim on her insurance.

“Why should I be penalized to have it fixed, that we didn’t have anything to do with it and me pay more monthly fees when I was told that day when they went after the bullet that the police department would make it right?” asked Draper.

When she asked the City Council about who would be responsible for covering that cost, City Attorney Dan Chadwick pointed to a clause in Idaho law which says the department doesn’t have to cover the cost.

“The claim has been made with ICRMP [Idaho Counties Risk Management Program], and ICRMP had denied the claim … Neither the city nor your insurance carrier are obligated to do the repair,” said Chadwick.

Mayor Jeff Williams advised Draper to ask for restitution through the prosecutor’s office.

No further action was taken during the meeting, and Draper said the bullet was never retrieved.

Acosta is scheduled for a plea hearing on July 9, with a jury trial scheduled for Oct. 14-15.

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