Ontario Police Chief Steven Romero

Ontario Police Chief Steven Romero

ONTARIO — City officials are not done with the footage handed over to them by the drone pilot who flew nearby the grand opening event for a recreational marijuana dispensary on Oct. 5.

It’s unclear at this point whether any criminal violations will come about or how long the city plans to keep footage to comb through.

In regards to the footage, Ontario Police Chief Steven Romero, at about noon on Thursday, said the drone pilot “did share with me sound-bites and still photos of the event when he met with me several days after the event.”

He then went on to say “there were no criminal violations identified or pursued as a result of the event.” 

Romero said instead that City Manager Adam Brown would be the deciding factor on whether administrative action will be taken since all violations were non-criminal and fall under city ordinance rules.

Brown in a later email stated, “We are not anticipating any administrative action unless I hear otherwise from the City Council.”

Brown did not say whether footage had been given or shown to the City Council for review in order to make such a determination.

However, it seems the police chief is not yet done with the footage.

In a follow up email later Thursday afternoon, Romero stated that he still planned to go through footage on the USB drive given to him by the pilot.

“I’m heading to Denver tomorrow so when I get back hopefully I’ll get free time to go through it and see if it has anything more than what he already showed me.”

Romero and Brown have not responded to multiple requests regarding how long they expect to keep the footage. However, Brown did say they would have to follow state retention laws for that imagery. Those time frames to keep footage vary based on whether the footage is being used for an investigation.

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