ONTARIO — A primary suspect of interest has been identified in the case of a Nyssa man who was found dead in his car in the parking lot of a local store on July 4. Ontario Police Chief Steven Romero said in order to increase the odds of capturing that person, they are unable to release suspect’s name at this point, but they “believe an arrest is imminent.”

Ontario Police Departments has been working with the Major Crimes Task Force and other law enforcement partners to locate the suspect, according to the chief.

“It’s still an active and ongoing investigation,” Romero said, adding that OPD detectives working the case “are phenomenal.”

According to autopsy results, Jerry Gomez, 36, died of a gunshot wound. He was struck in the torso, and the bullet “perforated essential organs.”

Romero told the newspaper on July 14 that police suspected the death to be “gang related.” Romero had also previously said there had not been “completely cooperative witnesses” to provide police anything definitive to work with.

While police initially thought the crime occurred somewhere else, with Gomez driving to where his body was found, evidence later pointed to the crime having happened at the Franz parking lot.

The only other unsolved homicide case in the Ontario area that the major crimes team is still working on is that of 56-year-old Billy Tucker, who was found murdered on his porch Nov. 17, 2019.

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