Treasure Valley Cannabis Company

The newest recreational marijuana dispensary in Ontario, Treasure Valley Cannabis Company at 560 SE 12th Ave., opened for business on Friday afternoon. This is the sixth dispensary to open in Ontario since July of last year.


Following a full year of recreational marijuana dispensaries being open and operating in the city of Ontario, the Argus reached out to City Finance Director Kari Ott to know how much the city has taken in so far and what this means for residents.

Ott, in an email received in early October gave a breakdown by fiscal quarter of the amount of revenue gained by the city through local cannabis taxes and Ontario’s share of the Oregon Cannabis tax. In the third and fourth quarters of 2019, the city took in over $329,000 in local cannabis tax compared with over $1,491,000 gained in fiscal quarters 1 and 2 of 2020.

Ontario City Manager Adam Brown, in an email received on Friday morning, explained what the revenues mean for the city.

“With the needs of our community outstripping the ability to pay, any additional revenue is helpful. There are some very visible things our community can see and then there are things that aren’t seen, but will be felt by many councils in the years to come,” wrote Brown.

He said that as for changes that the community can see, Brown noted park upgrades at Laxson Rotary Park and Lions Park being among the visual differences.

“Our first community trail, the Treasure Valley Connector Trail finished this year and the downtown repaving project both benefitted from marijuana revenues,” stated Brown.

When speaking of the less visible portion of how the revenues are benefitting the city, Brown said that there is something very specific that is happening as it pertains to the city’s PERS obligation.

“The thing unseen is the contributions to the side account over the last three years. The Council, with matching money, has put aside $2.5 million towards the PERS obligation. That will prevent the contributions from going even higher than they already are,” wrote Brown.

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