Biosolids removal begins at wastewater treatment plant

This photo shows the area of outfall from the City of Ontario’s Wastewater Plant, which can be seen in the background in this photo from March of 2018. 


Last week marked the beginning of the biosolids removal process from the city’s wastewater treatment facility.

An update regarding the Ontario Wastewater Treatment Facility and the biosolids removal status was presented to the Ontario City Council at its most recent meeting on Oct. 20 by Paul Woods, Wastewater Engineer with Jacobs, the City of Ontario’s Public Works Department.

Woods said that crews will be working 24-hours a day, six days a week and will be working at night with lights on. He said he didn’t anticipate there would be “a lot of noise” during the nighttime work.

In his presentation, Woods showed where crews would be set up and explained that the lagoon being worked on has a series of aerators that first must be moved before any sludge can be removed from the lagoon.

In an email received on Oct. 21, Roberts, gave a general timeline for completion of the project.

“The crews will be working 24 hrs/day [Monday through Saturday]. They will have Sunday off. They are required to be done by Nov. 30. I suspect they will take up until that time,” wrote Roberts.

A Facebook page posting by the City of Ontario also reminded citizens that the biosolids process removal has begun.

“During the process, we may experience some odor as the lagoon is being dredged. We will provide updates as the project moves forward,” reads the statement.

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