3 ways to get deposit back at new center

Bobby and Marcia Worthington, of Nyssa, were one of the first customers to visit the Bottle Drop Oregon Redemption Center in Ontario when it opened in August of 2017. The center is now partnering with a local nonprofit for a fundraiser through Dec. 1.


The Drexel H. Foundation has partnered up with the BottleDrop to help raise funds for the Vale-based nonprofit arts program.

According to information received on Monday afternoon, the foundation will even come to you to collect your sacked up bottles and cans, and will even mail their fundraising bags to those who need them.

“It is simple just email or call the foundation office and our volunteers will come pick up your sacked up bottles and cans,” reads the info.

The 2020 BottleDrop Gives program will match funds earned from Nov. 15 to Dec. 1, with a 20% match from BottleDrop, according to the information. “To help Drexel Foundation’s sustainability program you can donate your cans, or also donate online with funds from your green bag bottledrop account.”

The Drexel Foundation provides free multi-cultural and art programs in eastern Oregon which enrich the lives of youth throughout the Western Treasure Valley.

The Drexel H. Foundation was originally created in the 1990s to help preserve the Historic (1908 Drexel) Vale Hotel and 1895 Grand Opera House to create an art center in the Grand Opera House, and arts and residence in the Vale hotel thus, providing a building for the community to enjoy cultural events.

To find out more go to www.thedrexelfoundation.org.

“Help the Drexel Foundation and bottle drop save the planet one bottle at a time,” the information reads.

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