Snake River Correctional Institution

This picture of SRCI was taken from Stanton Boulevard, where it is located outside Ontario, on Aug. 26.


A sixth inmate who had tested positive for COVID-19 has died in an Oregon Department of Corrections facility.

According to a Sept. 7 news release, which was not sent to the newspaper until multiple requests were sent, the inmate was from Snake River Correctional Institution, making it the second inmate from that facility who had tested positive for the virus to have died.

According to the Monday release, the inmate was between 60 and 70 years old and he died in a local hospital.

The cause of death has yet to be determined by the medical examiner, and an email request to Oregon State Police this morning indicated it could be a while.

“We won’t have the results for this one for some time — I imagine,” reads a reply from Captain Timothy Fox, who is in charge of government and media relations for the state police.

He confirmed that wildfires on the western side of the state were not currently threatening the medical examiner’s office.

Of the first five inmates only two have so far been confirmed by the Oregon State Police Medical Examiner to have died from COVID, including one at SRCI on Aug. 12 and one at the Oregon State Penitentiary on May 20.

The cause of death of an inmate on Aug. 20 at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution was found not to be COVID, and two deaths on Aug. 26 at that facility were still undetermined as of information recently received from OSP.

There are currently 251 inmates and 95 staff members who have tested positive for COVID, with 58 tests pending as of information updated on Monday.

SRCI remains in a Tier 4 status, which means the entire facility is on quarantine.

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