Hydrant helpers: Volunteers repaint fire hydrants after citizen’s complaint on social media

Volunteers from throughout Ontario, including the fire chief, city manager and members of Ontario City Council, pause for a photo while getting instructed on how to properly paint a hydrant before splitting up in groups to paint 50 throughout town on Saturday.

ONTARIO — A dedicated group of volunteers will be meeting up Saturday morning to continue the job of repainting Ontario’s fire hydrants. The effort, partially organized by City Councilor Freddy Rodriguez, is a community service effort aimed at revitalizing the city’s resources.

Anyone interested in joining in this project and volunteering their time should visit the Facebook page Ontario Hydrant Repaint for more details. Rodriguez had previously said there are about 700 fire hydrants in the city and if more citizens pitch in, and the momentum keeps going, it will be a good way to keep up with the challenge.

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