PAYETTE — Outgoing Payette County Sheriff Chad Huff was presented a Christmas gift by the Payette County Board of Commissioners this week, which he did not have to unwrap; During its regular meeting on Dec. 21, the board voted to allow Huff to keep his Glock 22 Generation pistol, his badge, his pair of handcuffs and his work phone, a Verizon iPhone.

A request by Huff to release said property was presented to the board by Sheriff’s Lt. Andy Creech, who is Sheriff-elect.

“As you know, Sheriff Huff’s retirement is coming up; He served our county over four terms and he was a deputy prior to that, as well,” Creech said about Huff. “The law does allow for the commission to release to him his service weapon, his badge and his handcuffs … he’s also asked for his phone, and I know that’s not specifically covered under that code.”

Creech mentioned that the Payette County Sheriff’s Office replaces work phones “every couple of years.”

“When we get the new upgrades they practically give them to us, they’re very cheap,” said Creech. “I have two brand new phones in my office that aren’t even activated. His phone is a couple of years old … I don’t feel like his phone has any real value to us.”

Commissioner Reece Hrizuk expressed that he was happy to honor the request.

“”I think that is the least we can do after his many years of just exemplary service,” said Hrizuk.

He moved to release these items to Huff’s ownership, with Commissioner Marc Shigeta seconding. The voice vote to approve was unanimous.

A public retirement party for Huff is planned for Jan. 5.

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