The concerned citizens of the Payette School District have a chance to make a real difference in our community. On March 12, we need to bond together and vote in favor of the proposed school bond. The timing of building a new high school is urgent; with the rising construction costs, the age and condition of our oldest buildings, and the overwhelming support of a CTS (career technical school), we need to support this now.

Many of our residents and business owners have stressed the need to shorten the gap between high school and high paying skilled jobs. A student enhancing their public education by taking just one CTE (career technical education) class is almost 20 percent more likely to graduate high school, and 10 percent more likely to go on to college. By these facts, offering more classes and the space to develop job ready skills, would be the best investment for pulling our community up by our own boot straps. A well-rounded education needs to include hands on “doing.”

Construction costs have soared 15 percent in just the last three years. If we wait, it is expected costs would only increase, costing us more if we kick the can down the road. $30,950,000 will build a modest, functional, safe high school that would include CTE spaces, and remodel the Westside School.

Tremendous efforts have been made to be sure the decision to build a new school is the right one. We had independent professionals inspect our schools and give their expert opinions of our buildings. We shared those reports with the public, and through public feedback, by way of town hall meetings and surveys, we are representing the majority’s wishes.

I ask you to consider our future. Vote in favor of the Payette School Bond.

Adam Rynearson

Chairman, Payette School District



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