With 23 days left until the Nov. 2 election, the Argus has reached out to city and county officials to compile a list of candidates who are vying for your vote. Noteworthy is that city council and mayoral contests in Fruitland have already been decided, as all candidates there ran unopposed, according to Fruitland City Clerk Suzanne Pearcy.

Following is the official list of candidates as of press time.

Payette City Council

For Mayor

• Craig Jensen

• Daniel Lopez

For Councilor (four-year terms)

• Jackie Ashby

• Bobbie Black

• Tim Kettle

• Kathy Patrick

• Ray Wickersham

Payette school board

Three zones were open for this election, zones 1, 3 and 5:

Zone 3

• Andy Kirkendall

Zone 5

• Barbara Wilson

“Because there is only one applicant [in zones 3 and 5], an election is not required and the individual is considered elected,” according to board clerk Barbara Choate. “Zone 1 did not have any candidates so that position will be appointed by the board after it becomes open in January. We will post the position and application on our website in January.”

New Plymouth School District

For Trustee, Zone 3

• Dani Rollins

• Stephanie Wherry

Fruitland City Council

These candidates have already been declared the projected winners, as each candidate ran unopposed.

For Mayor

• Brian Howell

For City Councilor (two-year-term)

• Tom Limbaugh

For City Councilor (four-year terms)

• Kari Peterson

• Ed Pierson

Requests for election candidates in the Fruitland School District and New Plymouth City Council are pending.

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