Tree lighting attendee looks forward to ‘a family tradition’

The New Plymouth Christmas tree shortly after being lit during a tree lighting event in downtown New Plymouth on Friday evening.

As New Plymouth community members listened during the annual tree lighting event, Monica Waite, an announcer of sorts, said the event was “Fun for the kids and fun for everyone.”

Except for cookie decorations which took place at Armoral Tuttle Library, Christmas karaoke with the audience, the tree lighting, and a reading of the classic poem, “The Night Before Christmas,” read by the 2018 International Jr. Miss Idaho Princess Brynn Howell, were held in the town’s Co-op Downtown Park.

In the audience was Sarah Barnard, a New Plymouth resident who moved to the town about two years ago. She was at the event with her two daughters, and this was the family’s second time coming to the annual Christmas tree lighting event.

“We’re a small community, but we’re tight-knit,” she said.

Looking toward the future, Barnard expressed a desire to stay in the community and participate in events such as the Christmas tree lighting.

“I want it to be a family tradition, make it something to look forward to every year,” she said.

The 18-foot tree – provided for by the City of New Plymouth, another entity that helped make the event a reality – was lit during the event by the entire Apple Blossom court.

Almost simultaneously, Santa Claus even made an appearance, brought to Co-op Downtown Park where the event took place by a fire truck.

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