BOISE — The Idaho State Board of Education reopened the Strong Families, Strong Students application portal starting Wednesday, Nov. 25, and running through Dec. 4.

This will provide more time for families who missed the deadline earlier this month when applications had to be paused due to high volume, to also apply for the grants. The board also encourages families that started the application process before the pause to submit their required documentation as soon as possible.

“We’ve received several calls from families who missed the notification that we were pausing the acceptance of applications on November 6,” said State Board Chief Policy and Planning Officer Tracie Bent. “We’ve also learned that a number of people who did apply have not yet uploaded either their 2019 tax return or proof of their child’s enrollment, or both, and won’t be eligible for an award without that information. Now that we have been able to process more of the applications, we are reopening the portal so we can maximize the awards that are granted and use all of the available funding.” 

Families who have already started applications are encouraged to check for a confirmation email to make sure their application is complete. Families should not miss out on this opportunity because of a missed email or document.

Applications can be created and updated at:

New applicants should click the “Create Your Account” button. Those who have already applied can click the “Sign In” button to check on their account status or upload required documents.

Parents needing assistance with the application process can call (844) 649-2921.

The federal coronavirus relief funds can be used to make purchases on the Strong Families, Strong Students online marketplace for such things as computer hardware and software, and other devices including adaptive learning technology, internet connectivity, instructional materials, fees for courses, tutoring services, educational services and therapies, and licensed daycare during daytime work hours.

Eligible families may receive $1,500 per student, up to a maximum award of $3,500 per family.

Awards will be issued first on economic need and then on a first come, first serve basis. Initial notification of awards is expected to hit inboxes in early December.

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