PAYETTE COUNTY — If you’ve recently received a mailer from the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association on behalf of your county sheriff, Payette County Sheriff Andy Creech wants to reassure you: It’s legitimate. In a Saturday news release by Creech, he sought to clarify that the mailers are not only authentic, but are also purely voluntary for the public to respond to.

“The Idaho Sheriff’s Association Direct Mail Campaign is sending out letters that include my name and signature on them,” wrote Creech. “The Payette County Sheriff’s Office, along with the other Sheriff’s Office’s in Idaho, benefit from the contributions made by our citizens … The Boise address listed on the flier is the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association business address.”

According to Creech, the association is a long-running source of support for sheriff’s offices in counties across the state. It has supported the Office of Sheriff for more than 55 years and is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

“The Idaho Sheriffs’ Association has long provided specialized services to assist deputies, jailers, other staff members, and the Sheriff,” Creech continued. “The Association services include but are not limited to; Law enforcement training and education, Sheriffs’ round table discussions, improved statewide communications, victim notification services, off-highway vehicle safety, search & rescue, jail standards and inspections, concealed weapons licensing, public safety legislation, and youth scholarship programs.”

With that in mind, he advises the public to be aware of scam artists trying to pass off lookalike mailers and other tactics.

“Citizens who receive phone calls or other mailers should know that those organizations have no direct affiliation with the Idaho Sheriff’s Association or the Payette County Sheriff’s Office. Citizens with questions are encouraged to contact the Payette County Sheriff’s Office.”

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