FRUITLAND — Cleaning house is not just what many students and parents do during spring break. It’s also something school officials have to think about, as was addressed during the Fruitland School District Board of Trustees’ regular meeting on Monday.

Many classrooms items were identified as surplus inventory across the middle and high schools and slated for sale or disposal at the start of the school year. Fruitland Middle School principal Shane Burrup said his campus has the “longest” surplus list it has had since he took the job.

“We don’t generally surplus a lot at the middle school. I give my teachers a chance to purge their rooms a little bit, then we put it into a classroom or storage room,” known as a ‘free’ room, Burrup told the board. “Now that everybody’s gone shopping at the free room, I’ve asked the buildings if they want anything out of there. They were quick to say ’no.’”

According to Fruitland High School principal Marci Haro, the school has a room full of items to clear out, some that were first put into service three decades ago.

“Our surplus list is huge, because I had a parent come to me who’s a football mom; She wants to use [an] area in the team room for team dinners,” said Haro. “We started looking at all the items that were there, and there were books and other items from the late 90s that are obsolete and not needed.”

Some items go back as many as 40 years according to Haro. 

Trustee Debbie Hurrle moved to approve the declaration of surplus, seconded by Trustee Layne Howell. The vote to approve was 3-0 in favor. Trustee Matt Frye was present earlier in the meeting, but was absent for the vote.

In June, the district identified three older school buses surplus. Those were approved for sale on June 14.

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