PAYETTE — Voters will have a chance to meet a candidate for U.S. Representative in Payette on Oct. 25, as Idaho District 1 candidate Rudy Soto, D-Nampa, will host a volunteer event and a town hall at Central Park.

“Rudy is a veteran, was born and raised in Nampa, and is a strong proponent of bipartisanship,” wrote Communications Coordinator Liam Broadhead in an Oct. 16 email. “He pledges to abide by term limits and seeks to unite people regardless of political affiliation because he’s driven by a desire to help our state and country overcome the many challenges we face.”

Soto will address topics including healthcare, education and career pathways, economic growth and problem solving in Congress.

“Rudy wants people to know that he cares deeply about healthcare access and affordability,” added Broadhead. “His dedication to improving our healthcare system is one of the primary reasons he’s running for Congress. Shortly after his father lost his factory job, he lost his insurance, fell ill with cancer, struggled to obtain treatment in time, and passed away abruptly just a few short months later.”

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