Primary Election results are in

June 2 was the last day to turn in ballots for the May 19 Idaho Primary Election, the first ever conducted by mail.


PAYETTE COUNTY - Due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, the May 19 Primary Election in Idaho was conducted entirely by mail-in ballot. Voters in Idaho were able to submit their ballots by mail or in-person with their County Clerks until 8 p.m. Tuesday. 

The results were made available late Tuesday. Following are the unofficial results of votes cast in Payette County:

U.S. Senator

• Jim Risch (R), 3,407

• Paulette Jordan (D), 498

• Jim Vandermaas (D), 66

Representative in Congress, First District

• Russ Fulcher (R), 2,847

• Nicholas Jones (R), 695

• Staniela Nikolova (D), 179

• Rudy Soto (D), 339

State Senator, Legislative District 9

• Abby Lee (R), 3,241

State Representative, District 9, Position A

• Ryan Kerby (R), 2,179 

• Jim Smith (R), 1,398

State Representative, District 9, Position B

• Judy Boyle (R), 3,231

• Allen Schmid (D), 475

County Commissioner, First District

• Georgia Hanigan (R), 3,264

County Commissioner, Second District

• Marc Shigeta (R), 3,288

County Sheriff

• Andrew Creech (R), 3,334

Prosecuting Attorney

• Ross Pittman (R), 3,275

Precinct Committeeman and Voters’ Delegate to the Party’s County and District Conventions

• Howard E. Rynearson (R), 587

Justice of the Supreme Court

• Gregory W. Moeller, 3,865

• John R. Stegner, 3,836

Judge of the Court of Appeals

• Amanda K. Brailsford, 3,891

Bond measures:

Preliminary results showed the Fruitland CIty Hall bond failing with 59 percent of the vote. A total of 1064 votes were cast in the city.

• Yes, 638

• No, 426

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