At its Nov. 11 meeting, the Payette School District Board of Trustees corrected their Board Policy regarding graduation requirements. The change is a correction to credit requirements, mirroring changes made to the Payette High School handbook two years ago.

According to Board Clerk Barbara Choate, the changes were made to requirements as Payette High went to a block schedule.

“When Payette High School adopted a block schedule – a schedule more like college where individual classes are longer and attended every other day instead of every day – it allow[ed] the school to offer eight periods of instruction instead of the previous seven,” said Choate.  “Credits are earned at one credit per class per semester for most courses and one-half credit for some electives.”

Choate says offering an eighth period of instruction is intended to encourage students to prepare for college/career.

“Increasing the credit requirement for graduation is merely a reflection of the increased opportunities provided from the additional course being offered and raising the bar for graduation requirements.”

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