At the Payette School District board of trustees meeting on Oct. 14, Superintendent Robin Gilbert presented her updated goals for the 2019-20 school year. The four main goals she presented to the board were:

1) Getting students ready for life after high school

Gilbert’s target, as approved by the board, is to align pre-K through 12th grade curriculum to state standards and improve instructional practice so that students graduate ready for college or career.

“Every classroom will be instructed effectively in the written and tested curriculum, guaranteeing a viable curriculum and ensuring mastery of standards,” said Gilbert in her report.

Gilbert plans to achieve this by developing Instructional Leadership capacity within each building, holding each building administrator accountable for improved classroom instruction, increasing student engagement through classroom instruction models. Working collaboratively with the Board, and curriculum committee to develop curriculum policies that guide the expectations and work of teachers.

2) Improve IRI, ISAT and SAT scores

Gilbert wants the district to score in the top 75% of State schools and in top 50% when compared to districts of similar size and demographics by decreasing the number of students scoring basic or below basic on State achievement measures.

To do this, she is directing each school to improve rigor by taking these steps: “Set and communicate bold, data informed, schoolwide goals for improvement which will drive the work and conversations of teachers, training tachers on how to improve teaching methods through studying how to best teach each group of students and incentivizing student performance on assessments.

3) Improving communication between the district and the community

Gilbert seeks to help the community understand what Payette School District seeks to do by communicating “in a respectful and effective manner that promotes student academic achievement, teacher satisfaction, parent engagement and Payette Pride in our community.”

Gilbert plans to work with the Public Relations committee to refine and follow the comprehensive district communications plan, then communicating to employees her expectations in terms of respectful communication. As the district is active on social media, she seeks to include athletics, clubs and events in her efforts.

4) Building a districtwide culture of collaboration

To achieve her goal to “Generate unmistakable positive impact for students through the growth of shared leadership qualities across the district,” Gilbert says she plans to work with the district administrative team to develop systematized approaches to educating Payette students, modeling true collaborative strategies. “The Curriculum Committee will meet quarterly to monitor the use of common curriculum and to address gaps or needs,” according to Gilbert.

Periodic progress updates on these goals will be given starting at the Dec. 9 board meeting.

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