At the monthly Payette School District board of Trustees meeting, Superintendent Robin Gilbert gives updates on the goals she has made for improving learning outcomes and communication throughout the district. In her board report at the Nov. 11 meeting, Gilbert gave the following updates on the outcome of her efforts thus far.

Align curriculum and improve instruction

Gilbert has implemented classroom visits with administrators, aiming to make visits twice a month at each campus in the district. To increase student engagement, the district is using the Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool, or ELEOT, to help give the district an idea of how to better improve learning results.

Work is in progress to help improve grading at McCain Middle and Payette High, with Lesson study practice being implemented at Westside Elementary.

New data on student achievement

Gilbert reported that the curriculum in greatest need of improvement in the district is English-Language Arts at McCain Middle, and the Special Education and Title I programs at Payette High, which she plans to follow up on. Gilbert also touched on her effort to instill a “culture of regular attendance,” citing Payette Primary School’s recent weekly attendance rate reaching 97 percent in November. She also reported that Payette High is implementing a committee led by their Dean of Students, using Functional Behavior Assessment to help improve their attendance rate.



Gilbert reported that the district is using Monsido, a web governance platform based in San Diego, California, to monitor the district’s website for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Through feedback from Monsido, the district has begun fixing broken links as they update the website. Gilbert also plans to focus on communication to teachers, students and parents through social media as well as the district website, as assignments at the district office are adjusted.

Building a cohesive, collaborative culture

The Athletic Committee met in late October to review their plans for coaching development at the first of the year. Gilbert reported that “positive coaching” has been felt this season. The district conducted lockdown drills on Nov. 8. Gilbert also mentioned the district’s School Resource Officer training in Renton, Washington during summer.

“The City sent him to additional training with some seasoned SRO who are part of the Renton School District plan,” said Gilbert via email. “He was shadowing them during their day and looking at programs SRO have set up to make a difference in the lives of students.”

Addressing facility needs

The district discussed options to address heating and roof repair needs at Payette High, resurfacing district-owned tennis courts and infrastructure needs at Westside Elementary. The objective is to select which needed repairs and upgrades are to begin in 2020, with District Chairman Adam Rynearson noting, “We can only divide a dollar so many ways.”

“Facilities discussions revolved around the needs at the high school, how much to Band-Aid up and if to approach the community again for a bond,” said Gilbert.

“We are getting bids for several items to help determine actual costs and will then rank order based on most pressing and what we can afford. Those needs include heating system repair/replacement for the Dome, the roof at the high school, intercom and fire alarm system at Westside, window replacement at Westside, tennis court repairs and resurfacing the track.”

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