At its Nov. 18 meeting, the Payette City Council had its first reading of an ordinance amending Title 17, Chapter 64.190 in the Payette Municipal Code, which currently makes setting up an indoor gun shooting range logistically difficult for prospective owners.

Under current rules, any indoor ranges must be designed to avoid a line of fire directed toward any residence or business within 1 mile.

Council member Alan Massey gave background on the matter:

“Some time ago, we had an opportunity from a local business, who wanted to start [an] indoor shooting range,” said Massey “When they came down to apply for the license and let everybody know what he was doing… [they were] told it was against our ordinances.”

Massey argued that no sites exist within city limits capable of accommodating the 1-mile requirement.

The proposed change would strike the current clearance requirement, reducing requirements to those of Idaho Code, which has no such requirement as printed in the city agenda.

Councilor Ray Wickersham pointed out that indoor shooting ranges already open in Boise and Meridian “do well.”

Massey further argued that technology exists to make such ranges safe for those around them.

After receiving no input on the matter during public hearing, the matter has been moved to a second reading.

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