FRUITLAND -- The north 1400 and 1500 blocks of Northwest Sixth Avenue are going to be seeing some changes thanks to an annexation granted by the Fruitland City Council for the development of a new subdivision called North Baja Estates.

David Crawford, speaking on behalf of J. Nuno Construction, LLC, said that the company had met with city officials and received “unanimous approval” from the city’s planning and zoning department. The company was also seeking an amendment to the city’s comprehensive plan for that same parcel of land to change the designation from “large lot residential” to “single family residential.”

Crawford went on to say how this subdivision, with the requested annexation, would “provide connectivity” to the rest of the community including a future park site. He also said that he and J. Nuno Construction believe that this residential development would be “an attractive economic asset” to the city. 

Councilor Ed Pierson asked Crawford if the recommendations of the city’s engineer were taken into account, to which Crawford replied that they were.

The council then opened the floor to take comments from the public regarding the proposed annexation and residential development.

Judy Caruthers of Fruitland, had two comments about the proposed subdivision saying that the name of the subdivision, Baja Estates, “doesn’t reflect Idaho” or “the immediate community.” She questioned why the name reflects California when many people have moved away from California to Idaho.

When the council resumed discussion about the annexation, Councilor Kari Peterson wanted to know if all of the lots in the proposed development conformed to the city code due to some of their unusual shapes.

She drew attention to how some of the lots run diagonally.

Fruitland City Attorney Stephanie Bonney said that there is no need for a variance for any of the lots as long as a determination is made by the council that these lots do conform to city code.

Jerry Campbell, Fruitland City Engineer, assured the council that the lots do still meet the code regardless of the “strange geometric shapes” of some of the lots.

The council moved to approve all of the land use decisions related to North Baja Estates.

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