New Washington County commissioner wants to give back to community

Washington County Commissioner Lyndon Haines is pictured with his wife, Stacy, and children, Alden, Collyn and Olivia in this undated photo.

WASHINGTON COUNTY — For some, taking pride in your community means helping run it. Such is the case for the newest member of the Washington County Board of Commissioners, Lyndon Haines.

Haines, 33, is a graduate of Weiser High School from the class of 2005 and presently lives in Weiser. The newspaper reached out to Haines with a question-and-answer request to learn about his background and his aims for his service on the board.

Following are his responses.

Independent-Enterprise: Do you have family living in or around Washington County? If so, how many and whereabouts?

HAINES: Both my family and my wife’s family live in Weiser.  My grandma, parents and my brother and his family live south of Weiser by the airport. I grew up in the house my parents still live in. My wife’s entire family lives in town. We also live in Weiser. My wife Stacy and I have three kids, two boys and a girl. Alden is 10, Collyn is 8 and Olivia is 5. 

IE: What background do you bring to the table as a commissioner?

HAINES: I have no previous experience in local government. I have been a volunteer firefighter and chaplain for 12 years. I am the Chaplain and a Captain for the Weiser Rural Fire District. I’m currently the Pastor of the Weiser Christian Church. From 2013-2017, we lived in Northern California where I was the Pastor of the Willows Christian Church in Willows, CA, before returning to Weiser. While in Willows, I was also a volunteer Chaplain and Lieutenant with the Willows Fire Department. I graduated from Boise Bible College in 2009 with a BA in Christian Ministry. 

IE: Why did you decide to run for commissioner?

HAINES: Initially, I decided to run because I was becoming concerned about the direction the Board of County Commissioners was taking the county. I also wanted to give back to the community and county that has provided me with so much. I want to help Washington County in any way that I can and I thought being a County Commissioner would be one more way that I could give back and hopefully help take the county in a positive direction in the future.    

IE: What do you feel is being done well by the commission today?

HAINES: I think we are moving in a positive direction.  We have many wonderful people in our county and I think we genuinely try to hear them and make decisions with their best interest in mind.  It is impossible to make everyone happy, especially at a time when it feels like we are fractured and divided in so many ways, but we want to represent the people of Washington County well. 

IE: What do you see the county as being in need of?

HAINES: One of our greatest needs in Washington County is infrastructure, especially our roads and bridges. We rely heavily on the state to improve our roads and repair and replace bridges. Without increasing local taxes, it’s impossible for us to pay for the work that needs to be done on our roads and bridges. We have been encouraged to hear Governor Little speak about infrastructure in our state and we are hoping the state will help counties like ours fund much needed improvements.

IE: What are your goals as a commissioner?

HAINES: My goal is to represent the people of Washington County with integrity, doing what is right for them without letting my own personal ideas or ego get in the way. I think most of us get frustrated with politicians who put their own interests before the people they represent. I don’t want to become a self-serving politician, my job is to be a Washington County Commissioner. I want to serve Washington County with humility, listening to the people who make this county such a great place to live, work and play.   

IE: What else would you like the public to know about you?

HAINES: Please reach out to me if you have questions or comments. They can email me at They can call or text me at (208) 550-2547.

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