BOISE — Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Luke’s has relied upon data to inform its response. Data guides its readiness planning, patient care and resource management decisions. 

St. Luke’s also shares data with local, state, and national public health agencies to support civic and community health leaders in shaping policies and guidelines that impact health care, the economy and education in Idaho.

Recognizing how current and relevant data can help inform decisions and behaviors, St. Luke’s created a dashboard to provide the community with visibility to statistics and trends within St. Luke’s Health System related to COVID-19 activity.

Dashboard data is complete for the previous day and represents a point in time. Where useful, it includes rolling averages and trend lines. These numbers are for St. Luke’s activity only; for information on other hospitals, health systems, the state of Idaho and other health care organizations,  consult these national, state and local resources.

The St. Luke’s team recently published updates to the public website’s COVID data dashboard. These updates include:

• The “Patients in the Hospital” tab has been adjusted to show the percent of COVID-positive hospitalized patients that are unvaccinated.

• A new “Intensive Care Units” tab has also been added. This new update shows the total number of patients admitted to the ICU, the total number who are COVID positive, as well as the percentage of ICU patients that are COVID positive and unvaccinated.

St. Luke’s knows coronavirus data viewed alone or displayed without context does not provide a clear or accurate view of pandemic activity in the community. To help navigate the numbers, please first review the Key Metrics Descriptions page, which explains each data point included on the dashboard and why it matters.

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