Standing room only was the name of the game at New Plymouth’s Monday night city council meeting. With scarcely a free seat in the council chambers, residents had the opportunity to hear about a subdivision’s proposal to connect to city water.

The first item of business was from resident Greg Wiese, who lives in the the city-impact zone. He started by handing out a copy of a map showing a piece of land outside of city limits that he wishes to develop into a subdivision.

Wiese said that after talking to “numerous real estate agents” he came to the conclusion that “no investor would want it.” Without a city water hookup, he feels the land is not as valuable.

“If you want city water, it’s gonna have to be annexed,” Wiese said.

He said that he spoke with New Plymouth Public Works Director Beau Ziemer about his proposal and the associated hookup fees.

Ziemer put the proposed project into perspective explaining that Wiese wishing to “develop this subdivision outside city limits” and use city water. He went on to explain that the current hookup fee to connect to city water within the city is $1,200.

Councilor Tom Hoppell voiced his opposition to the proposal saying, “I’m really against this.” 

He explained his reasoning as being unfair to city residents who must pay for water and sewer services, not just water.

Mayor Rick York suggested tabling the discussion until more information was available regarding the proposal. City Clerk / Treasurer Danielle Painter reminded the council that this was “not an action item” and, as such, did not require a vote for tabling.

“I wish I had better news for you,” York told Wiese.

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